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Attorney Payam offers unique and affordable legal services to businesses, both large and small. Whether yours is a new or established business, we are familiar with the legal and regulatory issues that you will face in your business. We also understand the needs of the marketplace and recognize that oftentimes dealing with legal and regulatory matters takes away from your ability to conduct and grow your business. 

The following is a brief overview of what types of Business services Tari Law can provide to you and your company:

Organization of a Start-Up Business

  • Advising the appropriate choice of organization and business structure such as a corporation vs. a limited liability company or partnership;
  • Incorporation of not-for-profit businesses;
  • Assistance in setting up the corporation, e.g. choosing and reserving a corporate name, preparation and filing of organizational materials such as articles of incorporation, by-laws, corporate votes, issuance of stock;
  • Obtaining operating licenses from regulatory agencies.

Drafting of Organizational Contracts and Control Devices

  • Controlling the purchase and sale of stock through stock transfer restriction agreements, buy-sell agreements and stock redemption agreements;
  • Controlling stockholder voting through voting trusts and voting agreements;
  • Controlling and allocating stockholder/director power.

Negotiating and Drafting Commercial Documents

  • Business acquisition agreements, e.g. stock purchase or asset purchase agreements;
  • Licensing agreements, e.g. licensing of computer software;
  • Drafting of security agreements and filing of U.C.C. financing statements to give a creditor business a secured interest in debtor’s property or to protect a debtor from the overreaching of a creditor.
  • Corporate “Housekeeping” Assistance
  • Preparation and filing of corporate annual reports, informational changes and amendments to articles of incorporation with the Secretary of State;
  • Assistance with annual meetings;
  • Instituting a change in organizational form, e.g. from business trust to professional corporation;
  • Instituting a corporate name change;
  • All other aspects of corporate governance.
  • Employment Law Issues
  • Drafting of employment agreements, including non-compete, anti-piracy and non-solicitation provisions;
  • Advice and opinions on employee separation, employee benefits, claims of discrimination and other human resource issues;
  • Negotiation of employee severance packages;
  • Drafting and revising employee manuals. 

Other Services


Tari Law can also advise you and your business on Professional Liability Issues and
advise you and business on how to navigate the laws regarding fiduciary duty e.g. the duty of loyalty and duty of care owed by the directors, officers and executives to the corporation.

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